All orders are arranged to arrive within the chosen time slot; We cannot arrange the delivery to arrive at, by, or after a specific time (eg. at 2pm).

However, factors that affect or may cause early arrivals or delays in deliveries (non-exhaustive):

  1. The availability of drivers.
  2. The ease of finding drivers/demand of drivers.
  3. Traffic conditions.
  4. Weather conditions.
  5. Unforeseen circumstances.
  6. Natural disasters.
  7. Circumstances beyond our control. 

While we try our best to arrange orders to arrive within the chosen time slot, oyshi will not be held responsible for any early arrivals or delays of delivery due to any of the reasons above or because of any circumstances impacting the availability of the 3rd party drivers we use and anything else outside of our control.


IF your order is advice to be delivered by car, please choose LALAMOVE CAR DELIVERY before checkout, to avoid excessive movement during the transportation of the fragile product. Any damage caused during bike delivery is highly regretted.